Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1.Pandora's All Nude Gentlemen's Club

1.Pandora's All Nude Gentlemen's Club


“Pandora's All Nude Gentlemen's Club” OH MY GOD!!!! This club still exists! Oh dear God.  I went in a shock. I was like remembering it and googled it and its still there!! I have this torrid memory with this club: DALLAS TEXAS!! And Harry Hines Boulevard is still there. I came to this club in Year 2004. My first time in America.  Days of 2004 were my virgin days, that finally came to an end. In those days I used live in Toronto and had flown to Dallas in 2004 to do sexy stuff.  How I scouted this club , probably my first strip bar , kinda located in the middle of no-where. Going there in utter secrecy.  My gosh. Why I’m writing this in 2016,now, is because im on a break from my music video stuff and well bla bla. Going thru an old laptop that I had in 2004, dusty I no longer use I can’t believe I still have pictures of Pandora nightclub and the night I went there. Apparently I took pictures outside, you can’t take them inside and this is year 2004. It’s so eerie I still have them and that song “Somewat Damaged” by NIN,  listening to that all night long . it’s been like 12 years I still lissen to this song and reminds me of  pandoras nightclub and all those  nude models doing their catwalk on this song. If the pandoras club ppl ever read my post , please play that  song in my memory and make the models dance on it….then I remember when we left the club I danced on the main roads Dallas at like 2 am in utter excitement , my first nudey bar. I also had my first can of Budweiser here. This club deserves a world wide tribute, too  many memories from my side….  




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