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3.“Loved” is dedicated to American Dad

3.“Loved” is dedicated to American Dad

“Loved” is dedicated to Roger and Stan, of American Dad.  “Loved” in its entirety dedicated to American Dad, especially to Roger and Stan. This is like the main blog, out of the ten I have made. This is very personal to me to make this statement and too say it finally. I thought about it for months that should I say it or not. What is “Loved”?  “Loved” is  a collection of 9 DVD films I have made and produced, entirely in Canada. I am actually gonna copy and paste from IMDB.


1.       Jason's Penthouse
2.       Canadian Glamour Musical
4.       Celestial Christ

The validation to dedicate this to American Dad is very personal and valid to me. It’s not like I’m telling the public, it’s my personal issue and I wanna put it out there so it’s in record. Ya, so total deep psycho obsession with American Dad began in 2015 to 2016 when I started filming and editing all these films. How for 2 years I would attentively skim through all seasons of American Dad on Netflix every week watching it 12 hours a day, everyday. 12 hours a day, was my editing shift for “Loved” and 8 cups of coffee in my underwear and editing and American Dad playing on my wall from my projector that never went hot. Actually thanks too instagram , I would take selfie’s while editing while having coffee while watching American Dad in those days. Roger in drag, most entertaining aspect of it. The emotional trauma and nostalgia element kicked in when I was done editing and all my 9 films were put out on Amazon and  I was done and done watching American Dad in the background, on so loud, everytime everyday for  12 hours. So I went on my regular life, outdoorsy and going out, completely stopped watching American Dad. Months passed by.  So I was either at a club or gym , you know they have those tv screens attached somewhere on the ceiling , late night or so , where I was, American Dad started playing at one time, it was not an episode, just a trailer perhaps, that kept coming up again and again, then it hit me like a bolt of lightning of how much I missed it and watching it. Knowing every single line and scene of all the seasons…. In the days when I was  editing “Loved”.

Just to be clear dedicating is very different from what the content is about. My music videos are not “about” American Dad, they are just “dedicated” to American Dad, a couple of them, the compilation called “Loved.” There are like more than 100 songs in Loved, the 9 films main starting song is “Jason’s Penthouse (Canadian Club House)” and the films’ ending song is
 “Steam House Trilogy (Original Canadian Mix)”. The in the middle song, I mainly wanna dedicate to American Dad is “Blue Sapphire (Canadian Club House).”

For the record my favourite all time American Dad episode, from all the seasons is “Shallow Vows” and I think the most professional and best produced American Dad episode is
 “News Glance with Genevieve Vavance.” Roger just takes the cake. I wish they did a parody of me one of my songs with Roger in drag and how I didn’t dedicate anything to Family Guy, an angry Stewie hahahaha…


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