Tuesday, August 23, 2016

4.Vancouver Radios and Events 2012 to 2015

4.Vancouver Radios and Events 2012 to 2015

Ok I swear all the radios stations of Vancouver. With all I have taken crazy pictures. So  Madonna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Backstreet Boys concerts, seeing all of them front row tickets is quite a strange feeling, fulfillment.  But I think what I miss is coming all dressed up and taking pictures with all the booths of all the radio stations, apparently they stir up the excitement so much before the crowd enters the concert arena.  The most exciting concert was Madonna’s MDNA, seeing Madonna do Vogue right in front of me, the $500 dollar ticket was worth it.  It’s so funny I compare Gaga to Maroon 5 concert, Gaga for every song, has a costume change, well as for Adam Levine, he performed all his songs in just one t-shirt throughout the whole concert….that was funny. I had a lot of money in those days that’s why I was always upfront , almost front rows.  Gaga’s singing “Born This Way” and “Artpop” was the fulfillment. Miley Cyrus I had to go and see what was all the MTV Awards fuss was about, Adam Levine singing “She Will Be Loved” and “This Love” was too too awesome and Katy Perry “Teenage Dream, Firework and California Gurls”, so many memories.  Then seeing Madonna and Gaga  again.  Backstreet Boys right in front of me was the biggest shock of my life ever, just my mouth open throughout the concert and then the afterparty with them. Biggest shock ever. But anyway I think all the YVR radio stations do such a fun job and I make the fullest fun of it.


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