Tuesday, August 23, 2016

5.New York and Los Angeles Events 2007 to 2008

5.New York and Los Angeles Events 2007 to 2008

This was a time I had not assimilated myself in Vancouver properly yet. I had only like 3 to 5 music videos then, now I have more than 10,000 music videos on youtube. This time frame of 2007 to 2008 , basically, I look back, it describes my psycho obsessed obsessive trips to New York City, oh my God, seriously psychotic completely crazy flying in New York City. I no longer have that same energy.  Those numerous trips to  New York that lasted more than 14 to 16 days each and 1 trip to Los Angeles , at least 16 days.  The New York International Film Festival was my main domain , my aim, where I belonged. Each trip to New York, crazily promoting and screening my music videos, “The Curse” and “Who Are You”, had just 2 songs at that time and now, 500 songs in 2016.  New York was not a choice, all the events kept happening there and I got into them there.  Basically with this film festival, had to get up every morning in NYC, attend film seminars , attend screenings, give out my pamphlets , movie theatres and then after party every single night, meeting too many people all at once. The same formula applied to Los Angeles. Pacha,  China Club, Avalon, Beso so many. Hotel Roosevelt was the place where I lived, pretty safe and expensive,  worth it.

New York was home for my music videos. Actually all this era is summed up on video in footage in “Omer Pasha World Premieres.”  This era I just think about New York , I just had to go there all the time.  I had been going to New York in 2005, 2006, 2007 to 2008 for my music video premieres.  I still remember that night in 2008 of dragging my giant big red suitcase with my music video DVDs and posters , from Hotel Roosevelt to China Club to premiere “The Curse”  because there was no taxi.


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