Saturday, August 27, 2016

6.Changing Looks 2013-2016

6.Changing Looks 2013-2016

By 2013 my face and looks changed completely. I did accessorize with a lot of contact lenses and I guess face creams and saunas? Too be honest I’m just a brown guy with brown skin and dark brown eyes, original colour, when I was young I was more dark skinned I don’t understand as I grew older I became more light skinned. It’s a mystery to me. I still think I went to too many saunas and steam houses in the years that must have changed my skin colour. How? Just a mystery. These fashion shoots , well some are a lot “photoshopped” and stuff. They look nicer and more professional that way but a little fake, maybe? But I loved   how my looks completely changed, some people don’t even recognize me if  I go out. My most perfect photoshoots were in 2015 and 2016. The ethnicity I would cling to is “middle eastern” or “exotic slut”.

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